Guidance for BMSB Treatments

The Department of Agriculture (DoA) has issued notice 150-2019 offering guidance to importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers about effective treatment for Stink Bugs.

Working on our FTA with Hong Kong

Australia is now following up with its domestic treaty-making processes to bring the A-HKFTA into force, in the face of changing conditions in Hong Kong.

Revamped Trade Indicator Shows Weak Trade

The growth of world merchandise trade volumes during the third quarter of 2019 is lower than the previous report and signals that trade growth is likely to remain weak.

CoR Reminder to Load Trucks Properly

Transport companies and freight forwarders are being reminded of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR), with the warning to load properly or face the consequences.

Preparing for the New Stink Bug Season

The Department of Agriculture has issued an update for Australian importers concerning the upcoming Stink Bug season, which will commence once again on 1st September.

Mutual Recognition Arrangements

MRAs give your goods priority treatment at the borders of our partner economies, enabling faster processing, more predictability, certainty, and distribution speed to overseas markets.

Maximising Trade with Korea

This week Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment is in Korea to promote further export opportunities with our fourth largest trading partner.

Warning on Freight Forwarding Scam

The government’s ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) has issued a warning on a scam that targets small exporting businesses and freight forwarders.

Holding Orders on Unsafe Food Imports

The Department of Agriculture (DoAG) has advised importers that they will publish holding order instruments that apply to food that has safety issues or is subject to recall.

Record Busts by ABF this Month

The Australian Border Force has had a busy month, with record busts being made for drugs and tobacco concealed in commercial shipments.

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