Progress of Customs Tariff Amendment

The Customs Tariff Amendment (Incorporation of Proposals and Other Measures) Bill 2020 has now passed both houses of Parliament, making a number of changes to the existing Act.

The Case for a Port Rail Tunnel Link

There are calls for a tunnel link connecting the Port of Brisbane to the inland rail mega-project while work is being carried out on new cross-river rail, to ease congestion and boost exports.

Knock-on Effect of Shipping Delays in China

The Chinese New Year has exacerbated COVID-related shipping delays in China while hundreds of containers are held up in the key port of Dalian and the effects ripple down the global supply chain.

Port of Brisbane Leads the Way

The Port of Brisbane recently received international recognition as top-ranked port company in global sustainability assessment and this week has appointed its new chairman to lead PBPL forward.

Two-Stage Plan to Tackle Khapra Beetle

The Department of Agriculture has announced new measures to address the hitchhiking incidence of khapra beetles in high-risk shipping containers, which will be implemented in two stages.

2021 Asian Gypsy Moth Season Measures

The Department of Agriculture has commenced measures to guard against the Asian Gypsy Moth pest and asks masters & crew of vessels, shipping agents and importers to be vigilant.

Industry Leaders to End Crew Crisis

Over 300 maritime industry and human rights leaders have signed a new global pledge urging for industry accountability and putting an end to the deepening crisis facing cargo vessel crews.

The Responsibilities of Shippers & Consignees

The Australian Border Force has this week issued a notice reminding importers of the department’s definitions of a consignment and the legal responsibilities of shippers and consignees.

New Push to Halt Imports Made by Slavery

The federal government is ploughing millions of dollars into its five-year plan to put Australia at the forefront of eradicating modern slavery, sometimes used in the manufacture of products imported here.

Cleaning Up Global Cargo Shipping

The year just ended proved to be a challenging one for the shipping industry, partly because of the Covid crisis and also due to new rules requiring vessel owners to be more environmentally responsible.

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