Latest from Dept of Agriculture, including the ‘Stink Bug’ Season

Delays at DOA, and an update on their regulations for vehicles & machinery imports from USA during the ‘Stink Bug Season,’ (September to April).

As of 17 July 2015, the Dept. of Agriculture is experiencing delays with the processing of Import Declarations, which may affect cargo delivery. Contact us if you are presently awaiting clearance of quarantinable cargo.

The Australian Department of Agriculture also advises that measures will apply to certain goods shipped from the USA during the Stink Bug season, from 1 September 2015 to 30 April 2016. Target goods are new and used vehicles, vessels and machinery. All such used goods shipped from anywhere in the USA during this season will need to be cleaned and treated for potential stink bug infestations. The available treatments are sulfuryl fluoride, methyl bromide and heat treatment. As your freight forwarder, we will liaise with your supplier and the carrier at port of origin. It is important that you let us know as soon as you place your orders with USA suppliers over the coming six months.