Union Disruptions at Brisbane Port

Operations at Hutchison's Port in Brisbane are currently disrupted with staff refusing to work until further notice.

Following the sacking of 97 workers in Brisbane and Sydney by text & email last week, operations at Hutchison's ports have been disrupted and remaining staff have refused to work. This is the largest scale industrial action by the MUA in Brisbane since Patricks locked out workers in 1998.

The MUA believes Hutchison Ports Australia is reducing staff before a new workforce agreement is put in place in September 2015. "We received information on an operation called Phoenix Rising where the plan is to go further into automation on their terminals in Australia," Maritime Union of Australia's Queensland state secretary Bob Carnegie said on Monday. He said Hutchison Ports Australia was trying to win an industrial relations struggle in Melbourne.

Workers met at Sydney's Port Botany site this morning (Tuesday 11 August) to discuss the outcome of last night's commission hearing. Hutchison Ports advise that their terminal will remain closed for the rest of Tuesday and they will issue an update on Wednesday. The operations of the other major terminals is unaffected at this stage. We will post further updates on this site, but do contact Colless Young if you have concerns about your container deliveries this week.