Compliance with Laws on Imported Timber Products

The Department of Agriculture has issued a statement on the illegal logging laws that affect importers of timber & timber products, pulp, paper and paperboard and furniture.

The Illegal Logging Compliance Statement and the Illegal Logging Compliance Plan 2017 have now been published on the federal government’s Agriculture website.[1] The laws affect businesses that import regulated timber and timber products of specific Customs tariff codes within Chapters 44 (wood and wood articles), 47 (pulp), 48 (paper and paperboard) and 94 (furniture) into Australia.

The statement explains the department’s approach to encourage voluntary compliance and respond to non-compliance in a way that is commensurate with the behaviours of those involved.

The compliance plan outlines the department’s plan for managing illegal logging compliance risks and assessments in 2017. The two main activities the department will be focusing on are:
- building the intelligence knowledge base on risks associated with certain pathways and products; and:
- to raise awareness of laws and provide improved guidance material in order to assist importers and domestic processors to comply with the requirements.

In addition, the Illegal Logging Compliance Assessment Report, which outlines the department’s findings from the initial compliance assessments, has also been published with these documents.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your obligations under the illegal logging laws.