ABF Issues Goods Compliance Update

Home Affairs-ABF have released the December edition of the Goods Compliance Update (GCU) commenting on the application of trade and customs laws.

The Goods Compliance Update (GCU) is a newsletter issued three times a year by the Australian Border Force (ABF) on the national goods compliance program and the application of trade and customs laws.

The GCU for December 2018 has been released and the following is part of a statement issued by Don Smith, Commander ABF Governance, Australian Border Force.

The GCU will continue as the ABF’s mechanism to communicate operational information that advises and assists industry in achieving trade facilitation and border security outcomes.

The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) will be the lead agency on the majority of industry engagement activities.

 ABF officers do participate in the forums led by the Department, and we also have been representing at major events such as association national conference, ensuring that the important themes of compliance operations are presented to industry and that matters can be clarified or raised directly with us. I acknowledge that between the Regional Commands and National Headquarters that there are few officers with whom industry has a “direct line”. This is a purposeful step to ensure the integrity of the services we provide and powers we exercise and to emphasise that as a law enforcement agency, the ABF will adopt and maintain values and behaviours that define our professionalism.

Looking to 2019, the ABF will continue to strengthen its capabilities to detect non-compliance and to focus resources on those threats, while further streamlining procedures for those demonstrating strong voluntary compliance behaviours. The ABF has recently updated all its operational policy documents that guide officers on how to perform their duties. I expect that this work will enhance enforcement and facilitation functions to achieve the desired trade and goods compliance outcomes.

Thank you for your understanding as we have transitioned into the Home Affairs Portfolio. I look forward to further opportunities to demonstrate the strengths of the portfolio arrangement and trust that your expectations also will be met.