Dept Agriculture Name Change

After the federal election in May 2019, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources was renamed the Department of Agriculture.

On 11 June 2019, the Australian Government issued Notice 91-2019 – “Change of Department of Agriculture name and logo on AIMS directions”.

The Notice is addressed to importers and customs brokers of imported cargo, transport companies, approved arrangement sites and treatment providers, who deal with imported goods.

The department will now be referred to the Department of Agriculture in all AIMS documentation and the logo replaced by the new department logo.

They advise the public to note the new departmental name and logo:

Old logo:

New Logo:

New logo

The above logos were previously displayed incorrectly on the Government website, but updated as at 19/06/19.

Changes took effect for AIMS directions issued after close of business Wednesday 12 June 2019.