Registration for Infant Formula to China

DAWE notifies Australian infant formula manufacturers and exporters to China that renewal of their registration is required four years from the initial approval date.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) this week issued notice MAA 2020-16: China - Registration renewal for infant formula manufacturers. It is directed to Australian Dairy Industries; Export manufacturing establishments producing infant formula; State regulatory authorities.

The purpose of the notice is to advise Australian infant formula manufacturers who are registered with China’s General Administration of Customs of the people’s republic of China (GACC) that renewal of their registration is required four years from the initial approval date.

China has undergone a restructure of their government agencies. Listings previously managed by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), are now managed by the GACC. All GACC approvals issued to Australian infant formula manufacturers lapse four years after their initial approval date and manufacturers are required to apply for renewal of their registration by submitting relevant documents one year before the expiry date.

Requirements for renewal of infant formula listing
Establishments must complete a renewal application the following documents and submit to DAWE’s Dairy Eggs Fish division for submission to China. Please note you may be charged a fee for service for any follow up work or reviews of your application. Fee for service charges are outlined in the Charging guidelines located DAWE’s website.

Complete a renewal application

An online registration must also be completed. It may be accessed at this link: China Import Food Enterprise Registration System (CIFER).

There are nine sections of the online registration you will need to complete, if you exit the application before it is completed ensure that you click the ‘save & exit’ button.

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