Amazon Building Brisbane Fulfilment Centre

E-commerce giant Amazon will expand its fulfillment ‘FBA’ centre footprint this year with a new multimillion-dollar hub in Brisbane, under fast-tracked COVID-19 recovery plans.

Goodman’s Port Industry Park in Lytton, Brisbane

Global online powerhouse Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, has begun work on a ‘fulfillment centre’ in Brisbane, which will be up and running by Christmas this year. The company announced the operational expansion this week, with the new warehouse facility to be located at Goodman’s Port Industrial Park in the eastern Brisbane suburb of Lytton.

They have coined the term ‘Fulfillment By Amazon,’ already becoming popularly known by its initials FBA. The concept is that local sellers will be able to send their products to the Brisbane fulfillment centre for storage, where Amazon will then pick, pack and ship orders to customers, provide customer service support and manage returns on behalf of the seller. They proudly claim to have the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.

The Brisbane centre will join Amazon’s existing warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The E-tail giant operates more than 175 such fulfillment centres around the world. Their newest facility marks a significant expansion and investment in the Queensland capital after their initial Australian launch in 2017. When complete, the Brisbane centre will create 200 jobs picking, packing, and despatching orders.

Local businesses who use the company's FBA service to distribute their goods are also likely to benefit from the new location near the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport and transport links. The new site will be around the same size as two football fields, housing more than 500,000 items from ranging from health, household and personal care products, to electronics, books, gardening equipment and pantry staples.

It is envisaged that the new fulfilment centre will allow faster delivery of orders to Queensland customers and will also benefit locally based small and medium sized businesses who utilise FBA to service customers across the country.

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