Change to Biosecurity Levy Collection

DAWR advised this week that the proposed ‘stevedore collection model’ has changed to a Biosecurity Levy against vessel owners, operators or their agents.

China Takes on Australia Over Dumping

This week China launched its first ever anti-dumping investigation against Australia, targeting barley exports – but mainly in retaliation against our own anti-dumping measures.

ABF Increasing Cooperation with Indonesia

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has concluded several days of strategic talks with Indonesian counterparts, discussing issues of trade enforcement and border protection.

New Screening Rules for Air Exports

From 1st March 2019, before air cargo is uplifted onto an outbound international aircraft, it must be examined at ‘piece-level’ by a Regulated Air Cargo Agent.

Enforcement of Biosecurity for Animal Imports

While DAWR works hard to ensure all international Melbourne Cup contenders are free of exotic pests and diseases, another celebrity tries to bring in an undocumented dog.