Country of Origin Infringements

The ABF’s seizure of Chinese made pianos which displayed the Australian Made logo is a warning to importers to observe the Trade Marks Act and commerce marking requirements.

DAWR’s ‘Highly Compliant Importer Project’

Importers identified as ‘highly compliant’ by DAWR may be excluded from referral to them when lodging full import declarations for cargo consignments under the new ‘HCIP.’

ABF Issues Reminder on Low Value Goods GST

Home Affairs-ABF has issued a reminder on the new arrangements for GST on goods with a customs value of $1,000 or less (low value goods) imported into Australia from 1st July.

DFAT Releases Details of EU Trade Talks

A trade agreement with the EU will open the door to a market of half a billion consumers and a GDP of US$17.3 trillion - making it one of Australia's biggest trade agreements.

DAWR Says No Permit, No Import

DAWR has issued Industry Advice Notice 62-2018 to importers (and their agents) of goods requiring an import permit, stressing: “No import permit, goods will be exported.”

Export Airfreight Subject to Screening

The ACAS screening program went into effect for airfreight shipments to the U.S. this week, and 100% screening of all international export air cargo will follow next year.

Container Ship Loses Cargo on NSW Coast

There are concerns debris could be washing up on New South Wales beaches for months after a container ship lost dozens of containers in rough seas north of Newcastle.

New Requirements for China & Indonesia

New regulations for shipments to China and Indonesia have come into effect this month and additional information for exports must be submitted prior to departure.

Australia talks Free Trade with EU

EU officials will land in Australia next month to begin talks on a free trade deal, after its member states gave the long-awaited green light for negotiations on an agreement.

Complaints about New Biosecurity Levy

Import industry representatives have expressed displeasure with the announcement in the Federal Budget of a Biosecurity Levy of $10.02 per TEU to be introduced on 1 July 2019.

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