Mega Container Ship Docks in Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane is playing host to the 'Susan Maersk,' the longest container ship to ever visit Queensland.

Changes to Imports that Contain Feathers

DAWR has finalised a review of feathers and manufactured articles containing feathers and some changes have been made to associated import conditions.

How Domestic Security Measures Affect Imports

This week the ABF outlined how updated data are shaping the means by which the goods compliance function is to be delivered across government and industry.

Brisbane Strengthens Air Traffic Ties with China

Brisbane Airport has entered into a ‘Sister-Airport’ agreement with Chongqing Airport in China, which will see them share expertise on operational and commercial development.

Australia Slow to Take Up Paperless Trading

Paperless Trading is the way of the future and the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) is seen as a key starting point, but in Australia the take-up lags behind other parts of the world.

ABF Tackles Smuggling in Brisbane

The smuggling of cigarettes continues to challenge the ABF’s resources, with almost two million illegal cigarettes being seized in Brisbane this week in a massive sting.

The Chain of Responsibility in Road Transport

Road transport is a vital link in the import/export supply chain. New measures will place greater responsibility on operators, drivers and contractors to ensure safety and security.

Hurricane Irma Disrupts US Cargo Operations

Due to Hurricane Irma, cargo operations at many major U.S. airports will cease as carriers expand restrictions even farther north of the initial landfall in Florida.

Qantas and Brisbane Airport in the News

Qantas’ profits soared this year and the airline announced it will base half its new Dreamliner fleet in Brisbane, as that airport positions itself to become our new international hub.

Stink Bug Measures Include Europe this Year

DAWR advises that measures for the annual Stink Bug season will start on 1st September, conclude on 30th April 2018, and include goods shipped from any port in Italy.

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