Exporting Organic Products to Taiwan

With an increasing demand for organic Australian products coming from health-conscious consumers in Taiwan, DAWE has issued an update on our ‘organic equivalency arrangement.’

Keeping Victorian Cargo Moving Under Covid

As Victoria sets a new record for daily number of Coronavirus cases, the state government issues a reassurance that freight and logistics supply chains will continue to operate.

Brisbane Airport’s New Runway Opens

Brisbane Airport’s newly opened $1.1 billion parallel runway puts it on par with Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong, as capacity soars from 50 flight movements an hour to 110.

Duty Reduces on Japanese Goods

Customs duty rates have been reduced on certain goods imported from Japan in line with the JAEPA agreement, including textiles, clothing and footwear.

Agreement with Indonesia Enters into Force

The IA-CEPA will enter into force this Sunday, allowing importers to claim preferential tariff treatment on eligible goods, and presenting new trade opportunities for Australian exporters.

New Cargo Flights Toowoomba to Singapore

Wellcamp Airport (Queensland) is notable for establishing new regular flight routes during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it launched its first cargo-only flights to Singapore last week.

Amazon Building Brisbane Fulfilment Centre

E-commerce giant Amazon will expand its fulfillment ‘FBA’ centre footprint this year with a new multimillion-dollar hub in Brisbane, under fast-tracked COVID-19 recovery plans.

Registration for Infant Formula to China

DAWE notifies Australian infant formula manufacturers and exporters to China that renewal of their registration is required four years from the initial approval date.

Stink Bug Season Ends, Prepare for the Next One

DAWE has issued notices concerning the timing of the BMSB risk season that has just ended, as well as upcoming 2020-21 season measures, with three new countries added to their list.

Captain Charged Over Containers Overboard

The captain of a vessel that lost 40 containers off the NSW coast on Sunday is set to be charged over the incident because the ship's cargo-securing was inadequate & corroded.

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