Hydroxychloroquine Seized at the Border

Australians are being warned not to import the drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, following a surge in detections by ABF screening imports of medical supplies.

Temporary Bylaw for Hygiene Products

This week the ABF announced a tariff relief measure for imported hygiene or medical products, to support combatting COVID-19. It includes masks, gloves, gowns and test kits - but not hand sanitiser.

Two Customs Warnings to Importers

Importers should heed two important alerts arising from Customs issues this week: one concerning the import of COVID-19 testing kits, and the other on designer bags from Bali.

Keeping Planes – and Cargo – in the Air

Those involved in international trade and shipping are watching with interest as Virgin Australia places itself into administration and oil prices drop to the lowest point in history.

Countries Rethink Trade with China

In the wake of the China/US trade war, the coronavirus has added a layer of trade-dampening implications which might finally push the world to consider a whole new trading order.

ABF Committed to Keeping Borders Strong

The work carried out by the ABF has not stopped as a result of COVID-19 and it is business as usual when it comes to detecting illicit substances and stopping illegal imports.

Cargo Starts to Move as China Recovers

China, the world’s second-largest economy, claims it has effectively contained its Coronavirus outbreak, with offices slowly starting to fill up again and factories switching back on.

Australia Re-launches Flights for Cargo

The Australian Government will re-launch hundreds of flights to deliver fresh produce to key international markets in a A$170 million boost to an export sector grounded by COVID-19.

Update on Shipping Movements

We understand that clients are concerned about the status of shipping around the world, and particularly Australia / China traffic and the Asia Pacific region in general. Here is an update.

Airline Updates for Brisbane Airport

Major airlines have suspended international services through Brisbane as a result of Covid-19. Alternative options for cargo include the SIA Freighter via Sydney and the new Qatar Airways flights.

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