Updated Conditions for Imported Prawns

Interim Biosecurity import conditions for uncooked prawns/ prawn meat will be implemented when the ‘suspension of imports of raw prawns’ lapses on 6 July 2017.

Luxury Car Tax Threshold Increase

The Australian Taxation Office has determined there will be an increase in the threshold limit for the Luxury Car Tax as from 1st July, on cars imported or sold at the retail level.

New Imported Food Labelling Laws

If you supply imported food for retail sale in Australia, new country of origin labelling laws will apply to your products under the Information Standard.

New Mandatory Packing Decs Deadline

It is important that you advise your overseas suppliers of changes to the packing declaration requirements, to ensure they comply by 16 June 2017 – that’s only three weeks away.

Implementation of New Import GST Deferred

The Senate Economics Legislation Committee for inquiry has concluded that the implementation of the GST on Low Value Transactions should be deferred until 1 July 2018.

Blunder Destroys Irreplaceable Plant Specimens

A review of Australia's quarantine procedures has been undertaken, after historic and valuable plant specimens imported from France were destroyed by biosecurity officers.

Australia’s First Legal Cannabis Imports

The first two commercial shipments of medicinal cannabis products to be legally imported to Australia have been cleared by Customs.

Free Trade Agreement with Hong Kong

Australian Trade Minister Steve Ciobo has announced that Australia will pursue a free trade agreement (FTA) with Hong Kong in a bid to gain even greater access to the Chinese market.

International Giants Expand Their Reach

With E-marketers such as Amazon and Alibaba setting up retail outlets in Australia, there may also be shake-ups in store for the logistics industry.

New Measures Apply to Seafood Imports

The Department of Agriculture has put new measures in place to ensure the community is protected from certain hazards attached to the import of fish and molluscs into Australia.

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