Large Container Vessel Visits Brisbane

Recently the Port of Brisbane welcomed the largest container vessel to visit here, the Ilse Wulff, on its maiden Australian voyage.

Can IBM Meet Customs and Immigration Merger Deadline?

Serious concerns have been raised about IBM's ability to meet the demands of merging the Customs and Immigration computer systems by the October 31 deadline.

The Ongoing Fallout of Hanjin Line’s Receivership

South Korean line Hanjin Shipping, the world’s 7th biggest container operator by capacity, has caused chaos at ports around the world after it filed for bankruptcy protection last week.

Changes to Calculation of GST on Imports

Importers are reminded of the forthcoming changes to the VoTI (Value of Taxable Import) effective from 1st October 2016.

Repercussions of Hanjin Bankruptcy Continue

Hanjin Line’s decision to file for bankruptcy protection has created a wave of uncertainty for the shipping industry around the globe. It is the world’s seventh biggest shipping company.

Hanjin Line Goes Into Receivership

Following the news that Hanjin Line has gone into receivership, the South Korean shipping line’s Australian office is asking for deposit bonds before releasing import FCLs.

Official Launch of the ATT Program

On Friday 19th August the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program was formally launched in Melbourne, with government ministers and the ABF commissioner in attendance.

New Air Cargo Security Arrangements

New procedures for air cargo security are due to be put in place this year, notably the ‘Known Consignor’ scheme and piece-level screening for US bound air cargo.

New Targeted Measures for the 2016/17 ‘Stink Bug’ Season.

Once again the ‘Stink Bug’ Season is about to begin, running September to April, and this year the Dept of Agriculture has made some changes to the targeted goods.

ABF Outlines Vision for Next Four Years

The Australian Border Force has released a forecast of the challenges ahead, along with their mission statement, in a document titled ABF 2020.

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