New Targeted Measures for the 2016/17 ‘Stink Bug’ Season.

Once again the ‘Stink Bug’ Season is about to begin, running September to April, and this year the Dept of Agriculture has made some changes to the targeted goods.

ABF Outlines Vision for Next Four Years

The Australian Border Force has released a forecast of the challenges ahead, along with their mission statement, in a document titled ABF 2020.

TPP Faces Long Course with Many Hurdles Ahead

In addition to likely opposition in the Australian Senate, the odds of the TPP being approved by the U.S. government are getting longer, regardless of who wins the election there.

ABF Targets Illegal Asbestos Importations

This week, several warrants were executed by the Australian Border Force (ABF) concerning recent detection of asbestos in imported Chinese building materials.

New Rules for Container Weights Being Implemented Smoothly

Recently we have been reporting on the introduction of the VGM rules effective from 1st July. Early feedback indicates that the transition to the new provisions has been successful so far.

Financial New Year Outlook for International Trade

As we start the Financial New Year 2016/17, importers and exporters face a high degree of exposure to global volatility, at a time of the greatest uncertainty seen since the GFC.

Newly Expanded Panama Canal Re-Opens

Panama’s work on widening its Canal is complete after 9 years, doubling its capacity to carry ships and bringing hopes that the boost will make it the trading centre of the Americas.

The Impact of Brexit on Australian Trade

Britain isn’t Australia’s largest trading partner, but it’s a significant one, and the Brexit vote decided this past week could have trickle-down consequences for local companies

Alert for Importers of Timber & Wood Products

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued two compliance notices to importers of timber and wood-based products.

Time Running Out for Exporters to Implement VGM

Australian exporters should by now have policies & procedures in place for a VGM document trail, as legislation has now been passed locking in 1 July 2016 as the start date.

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