Corona Virus Effects on Shipping & Trade

The Coronavirus is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and the Australian Government has implemented enhanced risk assessments on all international shipping.

Suspension of Shipping Container Inspections

Authorities suspend performing external Country Action List (CAL) or Rural Tailgate inspections on containers due to lack of qualified engineers being certified.

Hong Kong Rules of Origin

Last week we reported that the Free Trade Agreement with Hong Kong has come into effect. Importers should be aware that there are Rules of Origin governing their transactions.

The A-HKFTA Comes into Effect

The A–HKFTA started on 17 January 2020. It includes preferential rates of customs duty for certain classifications of goods and more opportunities for investment and trade.

Low-Sulphur Shipping Fuel in Effect

The New Year’s deadline for low-sulphur fuel for vessels has come into effect, although some shipping lines are still awaiting bunker supplies as fuel prices push higher.

Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement

The Australia–China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement is a treaty-level program that helps our farming, fishing and forestry industries unlock new opportunities through the ChAFTA.

Solar Energy Firms Dodge Duty

Importers of solar energy equipment in both Queensland and Victoria have been ordered to pay shortfalls in duty, in cases that involved dumping of low-priced overseas goods.

An Alternative Biosecurity Levy for 2020

The Government will not proceed with the Biosecurity Imports Levy proposed in the 2018-19 Budget but instead develop an alternative biosecurity levy, in consultation with industry.

PNG & Torres Strait the ‘Weak Link’

After two attempts to import cocaine in containers of fruit products to Queensland via PNG were thwarted, the court has been told drug traffickers see the Torres Strait as a ‘soft target.’

Changes to Imports of HCFC Equipment

From 01 January 2020 it will be illegal to import any type of HCFC equipment, including refrigerators, air conditioners, fire extinguishers & aerosols, except in certain circumstances.

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