New U.S. Tariffs to Have Little Effect on Australia

The USA has announced it will impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, raising the possibility of a trade showdown with China and other key trading partners.

Hundreds of Imitation Firearms Seized at the Border

As the gun debate hots up once again over in the USA, here at home the ABF is warning importers, online shoppers and firearms enthusiasts to be very clear about Australian laws.

New Quarantine Measures for Flower Imports

All imports of cut flowers and foliage are subject to inspection. Now the exporting country must issue a phytosanitary certificate declaring they are free of live quarantine pests.

Prawn Trade Resumes with USA and Indonesia

Importers of uncooked prawns and uncooked prawn meat products, retailers and associated industry participants are advised that trade with USA and Indonesia has now resumed.

Weapons: The Next Big Thing in Exports

Australia is set to export military hardware to the world in a bid to rescue manufacturing industry following the closure of car makers, a key economic and political objective.

TPP Reinvigorated as UK Shows Interest

The reinvigorated Trans-Pacific Partnership has been rebadged as the CPTPP, and UK is considering joining the remaining 11 countries to replace the USA.

Stink Bug Problem Increases in Imports from Italy

Last year we reported that ‘stink bug’ checks would cover goods from Italy as well as USA. Now DAWR has issued notice 04-2018 re mandatory treatment for imports from Italy.

DAWR Clarifies Import Changes

DAWR has implemented a variety of updates to the Biosecurity Goods Determinations which specify what import conditions must be met for goods coming into Australia.

Japanese Shipping Lines Have Big Plans for 2018

We finished 2017 by reporting on Maersk Shipping’s acquisition of Hamburg Süd, and now the major Japanese lines are gearing up for significant industry shake-ups in 2018.

Access Improves for Our Summerfruit to China

Australia and China have agreed to protocols providing market access for the first time for Aussie peaches, plums and apricots and improved access for cherries, table grapes, and citrus.

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